New Virgin Forest

How to turn a spruce field into a mixed forest and some day even a primeval forest full of life?

The New Forest is a unique project, in which, starting in 2004, Čmelák has been transforming spruce monocultures on Ještěd ridge into a mixed forest, which will some day be a new primeval forest. Tens of thousands of seedlings of beeches, firs or maples are gradually replacing some of the spruces. Nature is slowly returning. Some day, there will be a forest temple here, from which tree giants will look quietly into the valley. Such that you will hardly find in ordinary forests today.

1 vision 35 ha of land 20 years of hard work 70 000 seedlings hundreds of volunteers

How you can help


Share information about the New Virgin Forest. Let your friends and acquaintances on Facebook know that this is a unique project in the Czech Republic. Thank you for sharing.


Sometimes it is difficult to arrange funding for our activities if we do not receive eg. a subsidy or a grant. That is why regular contributions from people who sympathize with our activities are very important to us.


25 years of our activity, 12 months a year without interruption, as well as our results might be a guarantee for you that your support will be meaningful. There are several ways to get involved.


New Virgin Forest has been evolving near Ještěd in northern Bohemia since 2004. Čmelák transforms spruce monocultures almost lifeless into a natural, balanced and diverse forest...